Reclaiming Common Sense

There were three reports this week and there were three anniversaries this past week. You might have received three seconds of coverage on each of them. This week was the 25th anniversary of the Waco Compound incident in Waco, Texas. This week was the 23rd anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. This week was the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School Shooting. This week we received the Monthly New Construction report for March, the Monthly Retail Sales Report for March, and the Weekly Unemployment Claims Report.

(April 16) This week we received the March Retail Sales Report (MARTS.) We had our best non-seasonally adjusted January this January. We had our best February non-seasonally adjusted MARTS retail month this February. The same thing happened this March. "March Retail: Record First Quarter" goes into detail.

(April 17) New Construction is a stimulus for the economy. This week we received data that indicates that the still recovering new construction industry is moving forward from the Great Recession. "March New Construction: Up, Up, and Up" details how the new home starts were up month to month and March to March. The same can be said for the under construction data and the completions data.

(April 18)  The March Jobs Report, or employment situation report, was not received with very much love when it was released. This March was better than March 2017. This column writes numerous articles each month regarding the data in the report. Sometimes the data that is reported is just the tip of the iceberg. There is employment and unemployment data by age group in the report. There is more data available from the Current Employment Statistics data set. "March's Graying Workforce" discusses the urban legend of low teen unemployment and the myth of low participation among our seniors pulling down the overall participation rate.

(April 19) Yes, they still produce weekly unemployment claims reports. In case you haven't heard this elsewhere, "Unemployment Claims Continue to Drop." First time claims dropped and continuing claims dropped this week, too.

(April 19) This article started by saying that there were three reports and three anniversaries this week. So far this summary column has covered the three reports: The Monthly Retail Report, the Monthly New Construction Report, and the Weekly Unemployment Claims report. April 19th was the anniversary of the Waco Incident and the Oklahoma City Bombing. April 20th was the 19th anniversary of the Columbine Shooting. There are many days that have historical significance. December 7th is a day that will live in infamy. September 11th is the anniversary of the terror attacks in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, as well as the terror attacks in Benghazi and Cairo. "April 19th was our First 9-11" because it was an attack that killed over 160 people, men, women, and children, and just like Benghazi, it was scheduled to occur on the anniversary of another event in history.

There were many more news stories that received considerable attention this week: The Comey Memos were released, the nomination of a new Secretary of State  was moved forward, a bit, and the stock market continued to have connipitions.

It's the economy.