Reclaiming Common Sense

The April Jobs Report, also known as the Employment Situation Report, was not received as well as it could have been received. This column has spent the better part of a week digging into the data.

All of the data has indicated that things are rolling along very well. The overall Current Population Survey (CPS) data indicated that over 900,000 non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) Full-time jobs were created while 445,000 NSA part-time jobs were trimmed. Men added 547,000 FT jobs while women added 349,000 full-time jobs.  Men work more full-time jobs than women. Women have added more FT jobs since January 2010 than men have added. So what happened wit the people who work multiple jobs.

Overall, Multiple Job Workers decreased month to month while increasing April to April. April to April the total multiple job workers increased from 7.609 million to 7.637 million. Month to month that number declined by 134,000 jobs from 7.771 million.

The number of people working a primary full-time and secondary part-time job increased April to April while dropping March to April. The April to April FT PT job worker number rose from 4.184 million to 4.237 million. The March FT PT level was 4.272 million.

The number of people working two part-time jobs rose slightly from April 2017 to April 2018.  The number of PT PT workers rose from last April's 2.027 million to this April's 2.040 Million. This identical to the March 2018  PT PT level.

These March to April declines are to be expected. We saw April increases in multiple job workers during 2007 through 2011 as the level of people working multiple part-time jobs surged. We saw part-time jobs fall and full-time jobs surged so it is possible that people no longer "have" to work two part-time jobs and are finding on, solid, full-time job.

It's the economy.