Reclaiming Common Sense

Energy Costs are Down by 9.2% - Health Insurance is up 9.1%. What happened to those lower insurance costs that we were promised with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Medical Care Services saw inflation of 5.1%. Hospital related services saw inflation of 5.8 %. Medical Care Commodities are up 4.5%.

Health Insurance is up 9.1% over Last August.

Last month the August inflation numbers (CPI) were released to zero fanfare. The Federal Debt report was released with very little fanfare. The Retail sales data was released with some minor discussions. The Debt Report (Treasury Report) recorded an increase in taxes over August of 2015.There is misguided thinking that lower prices at the gasoline pump have spurred spending in other sectors.  We cannot spend our gasoline savings on taxes and then spend them on shelter or communications.

If we spent our Money the same way we did last year we would have spent $73 more this August than we did last August - Even with the gasoline savings. Shelter costs are up . More people are renting now than prior to the recession. Home costs are rising.  The data that we saw in the retail report is conformed here: we spent less money on furniture this year than we did last year.spending those savings and then some

Be glad that we are saving money at the pump. We are spending those savings, and then some.