Reclaiming Common Sense

Is this a A Black Swan Event or a Hammer Looking for a Nail?

The mainstream media is blaming the dip in the stock market today on the announcement of a potential tariff on Steel and Aluminum. Is that what is happening? I can come up with at least seven reasons for the dip in the market:

The WHOPPER was the computer from the movie "War Games." The computer was hacked by a boy with a home computer. The movie can be epitomized with the phrase "Do you want to play a game of Chess?" This President is playing 4-Dimensional chess. He is playing 3-D chess with a time component.

The Tariffs could not come at a most inopportune time. This announcement came out as considerable other pieces of news hit he wire. This will most likely be one of those situations where the President will be ridiculed and then found to be correct.

It's the economy.