Reclaiming Common Sense

The first week of the month is normally Jobs Report Week. That was not true last month. It is true this month. The majority of the columns written this week focused on Jobs and Unemployment. This week also saw the release of the top ten columns of November article. It should come as no surprise that Jobs and Unemployment were the hot topics last month.

(Nov 29)  This month's jobs report, the Employment Situation Report, was thought to be critical. If you had read this column Friday's report would not have been a surprise.  It was projected in "Will November Job Creation Continue to Slow"  that we would lose non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) full-time jobs and gain NSA Part-time jobs. It was projected that we would most likely gain part-time jobs and possibly lose SA full-time jobs. It was also projected that we could see a drop in the unemployment rate and a drop in the participation rate. Some of the talking heads were projecting wage gains. This column did not address wages. I posted a tweet on my Twitter feed saying that with the projections of fewer full-time jobs and more part-time jobs, and the drop in participation, that we should see average wages drop.

(Nov 30) A regular article on this website is the Dual Wage Earner series. We have seen monthly records, or near record levels, of people working two part-time jobs during the course of the past eleven months.Would we set a record number of people working two part-time jobs for the month of November? The article released on Wednesday projected that we either hit the annual high for dual part-time workers during October or that we would hit the peak during December.

(Dec 1) The first of the month means that this column publishes an article covering the ten most popular columns of the previous month. Sometimes there is a week in review column or a month in review column in the top ten. Sometimes we have columns form other months or other years that garner considerable attention. This month the top ten columns were exclusively focused upon employment and unemployment issues. This month the top ten columns addressed the employment and unemployment numbers. A surprise re-entrant into the top ten, at the number one spot, was "The Era of the Meme" from  August of 2015. This column was the genesis for the "Four Presidents at ___ Months" series.

(Dec 2)  Friday was Jobs Day. Shocker, we added NSA part-time jobs, lost NSA full-time jobs, and saw the unemployment and participation rates fall. Where the ADP report was pushing over 200,000 "jobs" created. This column was anticipating under 150,000 SA Private Sector workers (Current Employment Statistics - CES) added.If they had used the seasonal factor (2012 factor) projected by this column we would have seen 146,000 jobs added. The article "Non-plus November Jobs Report" started to dig into the numbers behind "the number."

Thanks for a great week and month. Next week this column will examine the jobs   data in more detail and produce the  "Four Presidents at __ Months" article as well as the "Dual Jobs," "Red, Gray, and Blue," "Sectors in Recovery," and "War on Men" articles.

PS. Yes, Job Creation has slowed some more this past month.