Reclaiming Common Sense

This week started where it ended last week.   The article "Where are the Workers in 17 Swung States" was written on Friday and published on Monday. There are more important things during the Christmas Season than writing an article. This is the fourth day of Christmas. It is more than a song.

(Dec. 23) The "Swung State" article was published. There are 17 states that flipped 31 Congressional House Seats during the 2018 midterm elections. They are experiencing a surge in Manufacturing Workers. Some are trimming Government workers. The link to the article is in the opening paragraph.

(Dec. 24) Tuesday was the release date of the November New Home Sales Data. Last week the November Real Estate Forecast article projected that new home sales would drop from their October level and rise form their November 2018 level. Sales tend to slow after March, April, or May. The Annualized sales numbers also fall after the early Spring. "Nov. New Home Sales: Remarkable" explains how this is our best year since 2006.y

(Dec. 25) Christmas Day A day to go to church, celebrate the birth of Christ, and enjoy family.

(Dec. 26) Lost in the madness of Boxing Day was the 250th Consecutive week with the Seasonally adjusted First-time Unemployment Claims were reported under 300,000 claims.

(Dec. 27) Last week the "Final" Third Quarter Gross Domestic Product data was released. Some in the media downplayed the fact that the Advance GDP value was 1.9%, that the preliminary GDP was 2.0% and that the final GDP was 2.1%. "Third Quarter GDP Up Again" details the expansion of Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) and how Gross Private Domestic Investments are up From the level hey were last year during the third quarter, much to the ignorance of the people touting a slowdown in GPDI on a quarter to quarter basis.

This is supposed to be a season of Joy and Good News. The birth of Jesus is the birth of the Gospel. The Gospel. The Truth. The truth is that the economy is rolling. The GDP should record a huge bump compared to last year's fourth quarter.  Workers are rising. Wages are rising. Total Earnings are rising. This should spur more consumer spending. It should spur more people to buy homes and buy things for their home. This is "The Way." This is the Truth.

It's the Economy.