Reclaiming Common Sense

Obama's War on Men

Every month the jobs data reveals the number of full-time workers, art-time workers, and unemployed workers, as well as a growth in the workforce population. The employment and unemployment numbers are used to generate workforce participation numbers and unemployment rates. It was during the 2012 that "Binders full of women" got Mitt Romney in trouble. There was a "War on Women." Women are winning the Jobs Recovery War.

So far this column has addressed the October Jobs Report, or the Employment Situation Report, three times. "October Jobs Number Should have Been +25,000" dug into the full-time, part-time, and unemployed  worker numbers and exposed how the data was skewed by an artificially high season factor used to convert the non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) Current Employment Statistics (CES) private sector worker number to the reported seasonally adjusted CES private sector worker number.  The second column "Four Presidents at 93 months - No Comparison" examined the job creation, participation rates, and unemployment rates under President Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama at the same point in their Presidencies. This column displayed the current "failure to participate." The third column, "Five Sectors with Fewer Jobs than October 2008" picked up where we left off last month. It was detailed how we still need to regain jobs lost since the Great Recession in the Mining and Logging sector, Construction sector,  Manufacturing sector, Information Technology sector, and the Government sector.

What are we seeing in the "War on Women" is that it is a "War on Men." Men lost the most jobs during the Great recession, losing over 10 million full-time jobs at the depth of the recession.  There was a brief period of time this Summer when men were working more full-time jobs than prior to the recession. Right now men are working 2.3 million more part-time jobs than they were working and 900,000 fewer full-time jobs during July 2007.

Women have fully recovered from the Recession and are adding jobs. Women lost nearly 4 million full-time jobs during the recession. They have added 2.3 million full-time jobs and 1.3 million part-time jobs since July 2007. Women started adding full-time jobs during 2015. Men, not so much.

More Men are Unemployed now than during July 2007, Fewer Women are unemployed.The unemployment curve for both genders have a similar shape to their full-time employment curves. That is no surprise. What is surprising is that we have never lost all of the unemployed men.

Workforce Participation Decreased for Men and Increased for Women Last month. Unemployment dropped for women as employment rose. Men lost full-time jobs and a slight drop in the number of unemployed workers as they saw a surge in part-time employment.

This data focuses on the recovery in the job market. The data behind these charts indicate that More men work full-time jobs than women, more women work part-time jobs than men, more men are unemployed than women, and the female workforce population is larger than the male workforce population.

It's the economy.