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Fewer Men Working Full-time Jobs Than July 2007

There was a "War on Women" during the 2012 election cycle. Candidate Mitt Romney was lambasted for talking about "Binders full of Women."  It was nearly two years ago that this writer was in a Twitter Battle regarding the creation of jobs and how men were fairing in the New Economy. It was during November of 2014 that Men lost 744,000 Full-time Jobs. This analysis of Job Creation for men and women continued with "The War on Women since July 2007  - 3.1 Million more jobs for Women 1.1 Million More Jobs for Men." This analysis was continued last month with "Obamanomics - Battle of the Sexes - Who Has Had a Better Recovery?" This month we saw terrible Jobs numbers that were turned from a negative to a positive by greater skewed seasonal factors for the Current Population Survey Data and the Current Employment Statistics Data for Private Sector workers.

What happened during September?

There are fewer men working now than July and August of 2007. We hit our peak pre-recession employment levels during July 2007. The graphics used in this column are based on comparing the data from them and now. We have 674,000 fewer men working Full-time jobs now as compared to July 2007. Some of this is seasonal variation.We saw over 10 million men lose jobs during the recession, so we are doing better. Shouldn't we have more jobs for more workers?We have added 10.5 million male workers since July 2007 and we have added a net 1.411 million jobs for those 10.5 million men.

There are 3.8 million more jobs for 11.5 million more women. Women have added more full-time jobs than men have added part-time jobs since July of 2007. This is still a terrible job creation statistic. Women have also added 1.069 million part-time jobs.

There are More Unemployed Men and Fewer Unemployed Women than July 2007. This is a story that you will probably not read anywhere. The media is obsessed with the unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, that is promoted by the government. They do not want you to know that we have had an incomplete recovery.  Right now there are 202,000 more men who are officially unemployed than were unemployed during 2007. This could be, in part, attributed to the growth of the population. A problem is that job growth is not keeping up with population growth.The effective unemployment rate, when considering the changes in participation, should be between 9.7 and 11.8% for the population as a whole.  These numbers are being underreported by at least 7 million participants, employed or unemployed. If they are not employed aren't they unemployed?

We are seeing an increase in participation because we are seeing an increase in part-time jobs. We have seen a recovery in the participation numbers, non-seasonally adjusted, because people need to work multiple jobs to make up for the job they had prior to the recession.

We need to get the word out prior to election day. Do you want to be working or sitting on your hands? Do you want the man or woman in your life to be participating in the economy?

Future columns will dig into the dual job worker data and the unemployment and employment data by age.