There has been a considerable amount of discussion in the media since the 2012 election regarding the "War on Women" and "Binders Full of Women." The untold story, at least in other venues, has be the "War on Men." We have seen dramatic changes in the number of men working full-time jobs since July 2007. Men lost over 10,000,000 full-time jobs at the depths of the recession. Women lost only half as many full-time jobs. This column has written numerous article on "The War on (Wo)Men." The prior articles have discussed how women recovered faster than men, have added more full-time jobs than men, and how women have added more part-time jobs than men since July 2007 - the peak of the pre-recession jobs market.

The June Jobs Report was even better than is being reported. This column has already published numerous articles on June Jobs Report, even as the rest of the media is moving on with their coverage of Fake News. While some commentators are lamenting that the seasonally adjusted data is less than spectacular, this column focusing on reality, or the non-seasonally adjusted data:

"Male Dominated" Sectors are hiring again. The Sector data article details how we are seeing worker recovery in the Construction Sector, the Mining and Logging Sector, the Financial Service Sector, and the Manufacturing Sector. Those are private sector jobs. The Government Sector has not recovered all of its workers since the recession. The Information Technology Sector continues its downward slide and shows "little opportunity for recovery."

The War on Men is Waning because male participation is Improving.  The male participation rate is approaching 70.00%. Every one tenth of one percent difference next month will tell us how well this recovery is progressing. Women are also participating at a higher level than they were last month. The problem is that "participation matters." If we had the same level of participation that we had during June 2007 then there would be 5.58 million more men working and 2.692 million more women working. The real unemployment rate, the U-7 that this column has created to incorporate participation into the unemployment rate, men are still unemployed at a rate exceeding 10%. Women are just under the U-7 rate of 8%.

The War on Men is not finished.  We need more jobs in male dominated sectors. We need more Mining and Logging jobs, more Manufacturing jobs, more construction jobs, and more jobs in financial services. It would be great if we see more jobs in Information and Technology, too. The "pay gap inequality" that the mainstream media discusses ad nauseum has as much to do with the full-time versus part-time  status as the type of work done. Women work 17.5 million jobs to the 8.213 million that men work. Men work 72.64 million full-time jobs to the 54.698 million full-time jobs that women work. Men are participating at a higher level than women. Participation equals pay.

It's the economy.

Jack Dunn - Reclaiming Common Sense