Reclaiming Common Sense

A New Era Has Begun

Yesterday we saw the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States.Out with the old and in with the new. We saw a new leader take the reigns. We saw history made. That was Friday. We saw the Federal Debt creep closer to $20 trillion. We saw New Construction data released, more on that nest week. We saw seasonally adjusted first time unemployment claims reported at a "historic" low and we saw retail sales receive a lukewarm reception. There was a ton of information to digest and discuss. Some of the discussion happened this week. Some discussion of this week's data will hit next week.

(January 19) Thursday we saw the release of the weekly unemployment claims report. This report has been promoting a False Assertion Considered to be True (FACT) that we have had nearly two years of Seasonally Adjusted (SA)First-time Unemployment(FTU) Claims under 300,000 claimants. We were under 300,000 SA FTU claimants again, even though we have been above 300,000 non-seasonally Adjusted FTU claims since Thanksgiving. Why did they stop promoting the streak? Did they start reading this column? The column "Unemployment Claims Streak Ends?" goes into more detail.

(January 20) This week the data that was released was overshadowed by the inauguration. The rest of the media was reporting strong Automobile Sales and Strong on-line sales. This column published the article "December Retail Sales Strong - Except Three Sectors." Three sectors saw weaker sales this December compared to December 2015. Three Sectors experienced lower sales during December 2016 than they experienced during December 2007. This has been an incomplete recovery.

Former President Obama discussed an unpatriotic and irresponsible level of debt while he was running for President. The Debt doubled from $10 trillion to $20 trillion. We were in a recession when President Obama took office. We may be in a jobs recession right now. We have one more Obama Jobs Report that will be released . The data collection period for January ended January 12th. This means that this column will be producing a column titled "Obama's Final Jobs Report" while the rest of the media may be discussing President Trump's first jobs report. Same data. What is known to the readers of this column is that January is a Job Loss Month and a Worker Reduction month.

Congratulations President Trump.

It's the Economy.