Reclaiming Common Sense

This past week was a busy week. The August Jobs Report was released on the First of September. That means that it coincided with the release of the Top Ten Articles of August and preceded the release of the Week in Review. It also coincided with the three day Labor Day weekend. The week in review articlewas completed as was the first Jobs Report Article. What were the Top Ten Articles from this website? Hint: You seem to appreciate my week in review columns, as well as the articles on the weekly unemployment claims numbers, plural, and the articles on new and existing homes.

(Aug. 19)The August 19 Week in Review Article was the most read article. This article covered the July new construction data, the weekly unemployment claims data, the MARTS Retail Report for July and the Consumer Price Index article for July.

(Aug. 28)  While expressing empathy for the victims of Harvey, "Hurricane Harvey Economics"  detailed how we would not see immediate impacts in the August Jobs Report, or the rest of the reports that cover August, and that we may see huge spike in economic activity due to the repair and replacement of damaged items.

(Aug. 26)This week in review was another top read this month. This one focused on the new home sales data, the existing home sales data, and the weekly unemployment claims data.

(Aug. 12)The August 12 Week in Review covered the deeper analysis of the July Jobs report that happens every month, including the "Five President at Six Months" article, the "War on (Wo)Men" article, the multiple jobholder article, and the sector data Article.

(Aug. 1) The monthly "Jobs Report" is preceded by the release of the ADP Jobs Report. This column produced an article "What to Expect from the ADP Jobs Report" for the monthly of July.

(Aug. 15) One of the "Jobs Articles" that caught your attention was the "July: The Aging Workforce" article. There are some people who are pushing the narrative that the drop in the workforce participation rate is due to Baby Boomers retiring. What would you say if I told you that they are working longer than they "should" be and that they have a "negative effective unemployment rate?" .

(Aug. 5) The August 5the Week in Review Article was the fourth week in review to make the top ten for August. Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs. The July Jobs Forecast, the Jobs Report Results Column and the weekly unemployment claims report.

(Aug. 14) Real Estate is important to virtually everyone in the United States. The "July Real Estate Forecast" Article projected the New Construction data, the new home sales data, and the existing home sales data for the month of July.

(Aug. 18) We received better July New Construction data than was reported in the mainstream media. We had "Strengthening July New Construction Data." Starts and Completions were the best for the month of July since, and including, 2008.

(Aug 17) "What is the Real July CPI" and the article for the August 24 Weekly unemployment Claims Report, "Crazy Weekly Unemployment Claims Data"  tied for tenth place. The data was so low that the mainstream media did not know how to report it.