The most read articles of any given month could have been written at the beginning of the month, the end of the month, during a prior month or even a prior year. The week in review articles seem to be regular "reads" for the readers of this column. Jobs data, and information n unemployment, also tend to be favorites of the readers of this column.  This month was not much different.

(Jan. 27) The most read article of the month was one of the last articles of the month that was published. "January 27 Week in Review: The State of Things" Started with an article on the Schumer Shutdown for Illegal Immigrants and ended with the GDP report. This article also gave some great information that he President could have used in his State of the Union Address.

(Jan 22.) "The Schumer Shutdown for Illegal Immigrants" was a top article itself. This article details how the DACA program started with a memo. It details some of the bills in Congress that could have helped avoid the Shutdown, such at the budget passed by the House sitting in the Senate. How about Kate's law, passed in the House, sitting in the Senate.

(Jan. 9) The monthly Employment Situation Report, or Jobs Report, was released on January 5th and forgotten by January 6th. The article "Multiple Job Holders up during December" detailed how some people were working multiple jobs during December and yet there were fewer December multiple Job Holders this December than during December 2016.

(Jan. 6) The January 6th Week in review was another article that caught your attention. This week in review included the Top Ten of December Article, the Top Ten of 2017 Article, the ADP forecast article, the ADP results article, as well as the Employment situation forecast and employment situation summary article.

(Jan. 2) This column writes forecast articles and "results" articles. It is called managing expectations. "Expect Strong ADP Report" examined the changes in month to month job growth and December to December potential. It also looked at the annual jobs growth rate.

(Jan. 19) We receive monthly reports on Federal Spending and Federal Debt. It is amazing that this report was released on the Friday of the Shutdown - over the Budget. "Schumer Shutdown and Spending" details how we are 20.6 trillion dollars in debt, how a budget was due June of 2017, how a budget was passed by the House of Representative last Summer, and how we have an on-budget deficit and an "off-budget" surplus.

(Jan. 21, 2015) Sometimes it is easier to reference prior articles in a current article than reinventing the wheel. One of the most read articles this month was one written three years ago. "Era of the Meme: Which President Created More Jobs?" There was discussion that President Obama was the second best President in job creation - with two years left in his Presidency. Imagine what President Bush (43) would have said with two years left in his Presidency.

(Jan. 8) A regular article on this website is the "Five Presidents at __ months" article. This series started with "Four Presidents at 81 months." It was inspired by the "Era of the Meme" article. "Five Presidents at 11 Months" showed how President Trump has added more workers than President Clinton, President George W. Bush, President Obama, and even President Reagan, after eleven months in office.

(Jan. 13) Yet another Week in Review Article cracks the top ten for the Month of January. The January 13 Week in Review covered the Multiple Job Workers article, The "Five Presidents Article," the MARTS Retail article, and some seriously good unemployment claims data.

(Jan. 15) The monthly Employment Situation report can be viewed many ways. How many workers entered the workforce and how many are unemployed? How many men and women are working and are they working full-time or part-time? The article "Stronger than expected sector data" examined the ten private sector super sectors and the government sector worker numbers.

You enjoy the Week in review articles and the "jobs articles." So do I.

It's the economy.

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